Dr. Renuka Da Silva

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Dr. Anil Da Silva

    1st Floor Edificio da Silva e Menezes,
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  Alto Porvorim,  Bardez Goa 403501, India
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Dr. Anil Da Silva Dental Clinics
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This article goes out to all the foreign tourist coming to Goa on holiday & to get dental treatment. On account of this opportunity in dental tourism, a large number of dental clinics have "ERRUPTED" on the costal belt of goa. We request prospective patients to check the credentials of the dentist working at these clinics, most of who are fresh graduates, barely having passed out of dental school & hold independent charge of the clinics, many of which are owned by businessmen having no dental background. Many others having had failed domestic practices, have re-emerged on these coastal belts during these tourist season in view of a quick buck. It is imperative therefore for foreign tourists to select centres having at least 5-10 years of successful domestic practice run by a team of "EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS"

Goa being a small state, success is based on word of mouth. Possitive publicity is possible only with a consistent dental track record & domestic patient accountability. Therefore referrals could be obtained from the educated and informed local populace. Here again it is important not to be misguided by Taxi- drivers, agents, room boys, tourist guides etc. as many could be proxy agents of these fly-by-night clinics, working for them on hefty commissions.

Fancy web-sites could also be misleading as these could be doctored with terms like, latest dental equipment, "International" etc. which could be fiction rather than fact. It is well known fact that many dental clinics along the costal belts, with a few exceptions, cater only to the foreign tourist & have an almost zero local patient base.

Isn't it strange that these clinics having a so called "STATE OF THE ART, INTERNATIONAL FEEL" have no local patients visiting them? & remain closed for half of the year?

In Goa, "TRUST" is not built by fancy marketing of self proclaimed matter, but by consistant dental work year after year.

Issued in the interest of visiting foreign tourists by Dr. Anil Da Silva dental clinics, a successful dental practice since 1992.